HR Outsourcing

Save money. Operate more efficiently. Stay flexible and responsive.

Today, smart business owners and managers are finding new ways to save money, operate more efficiently, and push critical resources to the areas of their businesses where they'll have the most impact. For many small and mid-size companies like yours, outsourcing human resources functions is just good business. Spend your time focusing on your business, not managing employee paperwork.

Key Benefits

Your business can realize many benefits when you outsource HR functions with red & associates:

  • Reduce risk and exposure by keeping HR policies and procedures in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

  • Leave the paperwork to us. No more searching for forms or reinventing lost paperwork.

  • Save time and resources so your people can concentrate on helping your business succeed.

  • Take advantage of direct access to professional HR support and expertise.

  • Replace time consuming (and frustrating) manual record-keeping with web-based HRIS (Human Resources Information System.)

Key Features

Recruiting: Advertising, prescreening, background and reference checks, testing, interview scheduling, applicant tracking, offer/decline letters

New Hire Enrollment: Employee files, New Hire Reporting, employment forms

Employee Handbook: Annual review, on-line posting for easy access

Job Descriptions: Development, annual review, on-line posting

Performance Reviews: Process development, training, on-line posting

Benefits Management: Insurance enrollment, benefits tracking, leave administration, workers' comp, unemployment, vacation/sick pay tracking

Supervisory Training: Performance Reviews, compliance, interviewing

Strategic Management: Benchmarking, compensation review, management reporting, HRIS, mentoring

Compliance: FMLA, ADA, EEO, etc.

Termination: Paperwork, exit surveys/interviews