For Employers

Background Screenings by ✓red eCheck are your first line of defense!

In a turbulent economic climate, businesses and organizations are increasingly vulnerable to turnover and the uncertainties that come with hiring new employees. Employers need reliable tools and support to help them hire the best candidates possible -- and enlisting the background checking services supported by the HR professionals at red and associates does just that!

With a plan to fit your budget, we can help you;

  • Confirm the trustworthiness and reliability of applicant
  • Reduce costs by preventing theft and fraud in your workplace
  • Avoid liability issues and litigation
  • Lower training and turnover expenses
  • Maintain safety and security within your company
  • Comply with applicable regulations and avoid fines and censure

Your best defense is knowing the truth and making the right hires

✓red eCheck also provides background screening services for landlords, volunteer organizations and any other entity that needs the security of knowing they are providing their clients with a safe environment. Please see Brochures for all entities served.